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Version: 1.0.4
Last Update: 2023-01-23


Tab Manager for Chrome™ is a Chrome extension developed by 20Tabs. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of Tab Manager for Chrome™ is 1.0.4, updated on 2023-01-23.
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Quick access to all opened tabs. Manage browser tabs to easily navigate and switch between them.

20Tabs - take control of your tabs is the every - day assistant in working with browser tabs. Press the hotkey combination to open a search bar with a list of opened tabs. The search bar appears as well to simplify navigation between websites you visit.

Organize browser tabs to a fully manageable list for quick search through opened tabs and easy access to any website you want. There can be created groups of opened tabs by theme, so you will be able to work exactly with needed websites and then collapse tabs altogether that will be saved for further until you want to edit or delete them.

Navigation between opened tabs became so simple with 20Tabs. There is an opportunity to use hotkeys to find saved domain names and open tabs.

Every group of tabs is editable thus you can add or remove any tab from the list. As well there is an option to rename each group for more convenience.

How you can use 20Tabs:
- Open a clear list of opened tabs with one click
- Navigate between tabs using a search bar
- Remove tab from the list in one click as well as add needed website
- Create groups of browser tabs
- Save to bookmark in a single click

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avatar samuele gg

It doesn't work.

avatar Олег Лаврук

Полное г..но

avatar Ratsuky Siragana

Adds in a perfect switch screen with well made search and a rather snappy UI.

avatar Mussa Banjai

window... basically a dedicated browser window without a tabstrip or toolbar or any other chrome surrounding it) I've found it to be an ideal companion alongside my main browser window that I work out ofnn...except for the fact that it would never persist more than a few minutes if I switched focus by clicking elsewhere. nnOr the fact that I had to manually rename the TM+ sidebar window each and every time I invoked it because otherwise it would remain the vague extension id cnkdjjdmfiffagllbiiilooaoofcoeff nnOh and also the fact that I always had to maintain a particular width or else some of those bottom row buttons would disappear, etc. nnBasically all of the things you tweaked in 5.0.3 fixed those minor gripes for me and made it a full fledged sidebar that actually persists, with a dedicated favicon and title for it's own window too, oh and I can resize it to be as slim as I'd like without consequence either ^_^ Consider me a happy customer!

avatar Евгений Пашковский

Loved it. Did all i wanted it too. Right now I am a happy man.Easy to use, set and forget. I loved it.