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Version: 1.5.3
Last Update: 2022-11-11


TABLERONE tab manager is a Chrome extension developed by about:blank studio. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of TABLERONE tab manager is 1.5.3, updated on 2022-11-11.
10,000+ users have installed this extension. 285 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .
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All-in-one tab manager to save tabs, restore sessions, and organize bookmarks.

Having too many tabs open reduces your productivity. Your computer becomes slow, it takes you longer to find the right tab, and you often get distracted in the process.

TABLERONE tab manager solves this problem by enabling you to close all tabs without losing them. It’s like a better History combined with bookmarks, except you won’t forget about them.

It will make you faster, more organized, and focused.
Free. No accounts. 100% privacy.


🗂 Save tabs as bookmarks with screenshot preview
🗄 Organize bookmarks with tags and notes
📚 Set up workspaces and switch between them
🔄 Reopen sessions exactly where you left them
♻️ Restore tabs after a browser crash
🔍 Search open and saved tabs
📦 Share multiple links with one link

Whether you call it a tab manager, session manager, bookmarks organizer, bookmark manager, or something else, Tablerone will improve your focus, accelerate multitasking, and automate grunt copy-paste work.

Stay in the flow and get more done from day one. Then watch your personal knowledge system effortlessly grow over time just by browsing the web.


Why? So you can stop leaving tabs open. Instead, save tabs for later, safely close them and reopen them when needed.
- Close tabs without losing them
- Reopen closed tabs after a browser crash


Save multiple tabs with one click. Organize them by topic and later recall them visually with generated screenshot previews.
- Search bookmarks with screenshot preview
- Organize bookmarks with tags and notes


Organize accounts, projects, holidays, research,… the way it suits you. Quickly switch between sessions and pick up exactly where you left off.
- Open multiple tabs with one click
- Add sessions to favourites


It does what you’d expect from a tab manager:
- Save all tabs
- Save multiple tabs
- Save one tab
- Automatically save tabs overnight
- Save all tabs to file
- Close all tabs
- Close multiple tabs
- Close one tab
- Reopen all tabs (restore sessions)
- Reopen multiple tabs (open multiple URLs)
- Reopen one tab
- Restore tabs you accidentally closed
- Restore tabs after a browser crash
- Organize bookmarks with tags
- Organize bookmarks with notes
- Organize bookmarks with favourites
- Open bookmarks
- Move bookmarks
- Copy bookmarks
- Search tabs
- Switch between tabs

Plus a few less-common things:
- Preview tabs and bookmarks with automatic screenshots
- Share multiple links with one link
- Copy all URLs and metadata to clipboard
- Copy selected URLs and metadata to clipboard

Export tabs as:
- .txt list
- .txt table
- Markdown list with thumbs
- Markdown table
- HTML list with thumbs
- HTML table
- Tablerone backup

And also:
- Import bookmarks
- Import OneTab data
- Import Session Buddy data
- Suspend idle tabs manually to free memory and CPU
- Discard idle tabs automatically to free memory and CPU
- Support for selected 3rd party tab suspender extensions
- Change appearance (light theme & dark theme)
- Customize preferences and settings


Tablerone’s 100% privacy guarantee means:
1. The extension stores your application data only locally
2. Usage analytics data is completely anonymous
3. We never share any data with third parties

Please note that Tablerone has no control over the privacy settings of your browser, operating system, computer, or network.


User manual and documentation:

Bug reports:
[email protected]

Get involved and contribute:


We are funded by happy users’ donations:


As a company we:
- We take pride in great product design and user experience
- Built the extension as a free client app — our next goal is to build a premium SaaS solution and extend client support to other browsers and devices
- Want to revive the old idea of social bookmarking and take it to the next level
- Are dedicated to developing a business model around 100% private technology to ensure we never fail users on that promise


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avatar Chiara Jadwiga Giuditta

This is the best tab manager I have ever used!! Love the sleek and minimal look, and it makes a great job at organising the tons of open tabs that i have. I don't know why it's not as popular as it should. Also the team is very kind and responsive: I wrote an email with a suggestion and I got an email back very quickly where the team said that they will try to implement what I asked. Totally recommend it!

avatar Roland Kainbacher

I have tried a lot of different Tab Managers but tablerone is by far the best. Really good work guy's, thanks.

avatar Varun Oberoi

It constantly uses 100 to 150% CPU which is main reason I am looking for an alternative.

avatar Cartas al Director

De momento muy buena extensión. Iremos viendo como funciona. Gracias por compartir

avatar ماهر أمين

ممتاز جداً يحفظ جميع المواقع المفتوحة بضغطة زر ويمكنك فتحها في اي وقت