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Version: 0.2.10
Last Update: 2015-12-08


TabHamster is a Chrome extension developed by Mykhailo Onikiienko. According to the data from Chrome web store, current version of TabHamster is 0.2.10, updated on 2015-12-08.
6,000+ users have installed this extension. 91 users have rated this extension with an average rating of .

Session manager and tabs saver. With sync

► Save open tabs in the group.
✓ Tab Groups are stored in the sync Chrome storage. Sign in to browser to get them on other PC.
✓ Assign a group name.
✓ Edit, add new tabs, delete, move the group from the list.

► Session Manager provides quick and convenient access to the latest browser sessions.
✓ Access to the currently open (and earlier) browser session.
✓ Rapid recovery of any session in one click.
✓! Sessions are not synchronized.

☀ Tips:
● To quickly save all open tabs in a group, open the extension window and press "ENTER". Later, you can edit the name of the group.
● "Ctrl + click" on group name (or session) - open tabs in a new window.

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avatar 平井伸治

I can't save even about 10 tabs.

avatar Richard Lloyd

If your looking for something very minimalistic and are not a tab hungry monster like some this would suffice.

FreshStart has been my longtime favorite. It is minimalistic and yet saves the sessions in your bookmarks for syncing while giving you that extra crash recovery. I can export each session if needed to from one browser to a whole other browser. The only thing it lacks is export as a whole and turn on/off loading the tabs on restore.

Tab aside by is another light weight tab/session manager and lacks tab/session recovery and the ability to include other windows. It does however allow you to restore without loading all the pages (a must IMHO).

Tab Aside by Concinnitas Apps another light weight w/out recovery

LayZ - Tab Manager only noting as it has a few interesting features I have not seen regarding Audible tabs. Don't think its very useful though as it doesn't appear you can save multiple session.

Super Focus Tabs - Another good mention, room for improvement regarding Tabs. Not seeing an option for Sessions though.

Others I am testing Tab Session manager and Session Buddy

Thanks and keep up the good work. Look forward to coming back for any updates.

avatar Simply One

сохраняет слишком мало закладок. что мешает?

avatar viva 8

В Яндекс браузере мои 100 вкладок не хочет сохранять!
А в Опере 200 вкладок сохраняет легко автоматически 1-2 раза в день.

avatar Trying MM

Best Tab Savers I have found. Love it. Thanks for your effort. Brilliant idea.