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Version: 6.12.1
Last Update: 2022-09-16


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avatar Alx K.

It worked ok. Very nice functionality and a good user interface but then... it lost all my sessions (something about "cannot write indexedDB") which is obviously not a good thing for a session manager. Taking into consideration that my sessions where actually not that many (maybe about 10-15, about 400 tabs each spreading to 4-5 windows) to cause serious lagg or memory issues that is a serious failure. There are several files in the extension folder but I cannot find any documentation on any way to get back my sessions or at least my previous ones before the problem occured.
I dont see the developer replying either here or in github and this makes things worse.

P.S. Update 2 years later...New bug.. Tab history (back button) is not saved. Finally moving to a more reliable extension.

avatar Danny Schmickler

Its a great extension. It has almost everything one would need for this. The only thing it's lacking a bit is features for organization. One that would help tremendously is making the search function include tags. E.g if I search for "Plant Water & Food Needs" and a saved session includes the tags "plant" and "water", then it would show up in the results. I know there is the tag dropdown list, but that's only one tag which is not sufficient for proper organization.

avatar 不见不散


avatar 平井伸治

I would like in the settings to not save pinned tabs.
Or, when saving, I want to be able to choose whether to include them in the save.

This extension has high memory usage.

avatar Cem Baki

i love it. free, easy and fast.

avatar Anh Trần Ngọc

Saved me yesterday when my computer crashed and took about a hundred tabs with it.

avatar mitsuhiro hirano


chrome://extensions/shortcuts でショートカットの変更ができ、とても快適になりました。

avatar 果子煎饼

这个插件不能保存已有的会话,虽然可以右键替换,但还是Session Manager更好用一些。

avatar Ahmed Z

Wow! This supports Tab Groups, lazy loading, cloud backup, and is really awesome overall! The best tab backup extension!

avatar Camille Warbington

Absolute garbage. Never works, folder disappears, tabs gone forever. Click icon - nothing. No troubleshooting, no useful website, nothing. Sync never worked. Don't waste your time. Try another option - hell even pen and paper would be better than this. Should pay us to use it.

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